Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Definitely Pregnant

So its been a while...I've been so busy that I sometimes forget to remember that I am pregnant.  However these moments are becoming less & less frequent as I become more & more pregnant.  More often now than ever, I get daily reminders that make it impossible to forget.  As I sneak into the 3rd trimester I look back & say I can definitely mark in my mind the transition from going from 'a little pregnant' to 'definitely pregnant' (I remember the day my good & honest friend told me I didn't just look chubby anymore) & the little (yet progressively increasing) milestones that take place in between.  I remember the moment I stepped on the scale to discover that I weighed more than I ever have before....and I decided it was an odd thing to watch your body grow like so & even more so to accept it.  Little did I know that was nothing compared to what I was in for.

It sneaks up on you.  Just when you are used to being pregnant a certain way, you wake up wearing a whole new body!  You would think the previous days aches & pains of stomach muscles stretching (which I would usually blame on too much dairy) would be a clue to what lies ahead, but you are never prepared for when your belly takes on a whole new form & shape, one it has never taken on before.  There have been mornings (often after what feels like a late night dance party going on inside the womb) that I have woken up in a panic as my baby bump looks like none I have ever seen before.  I gasp "What's happening to my belly?" My husband's attempts to reassure me, "Babe, that's 'cause your pregnant" doesn't always cut it.  And its not just the belly, its the thighs, hips & even all 20 toes, I swear.  Suddenly the pants that you were wearing 2 days earlier won't go past your hips & you have to dive into the hand-me-down pile to dig out the clothes that your friend gave to you, reluctantly resorting to the ones that you never thought you would fit into but were too polite to tell your friend when she lent them to you...back in the 'hardly pregnant' days.

Don't get me wrong, watching Wonderbaby change your body can be kind of entertaining as well.  He/she sends little messages to the outside world, whatever they mean, they can be fun to feel & watch while laying on the couch.  I study my belly button stretch from one side to another as I track the baby's tour around the womb.  My hubby watches from the other side of the room (during the commercials of course) & gives the odd giggle.  I try to make it move but before any reaction I hear my husband scold me "Don't poke the baby!"

So for now being 'definitely pregnant' isn't so bad, atleast people can look at me & know why my body has taken on this somewhat bizarre form, but I feel pretty good & can still move around & be relatively limber (I try my very best consciously not to look more pregnant than I am, by doing things like refusing to waddle).  Perhaps I will change my mind the day that I have to turn sideways to pull my chair in to let someone by, the day I will know I am 'very pregnant.'