Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a few videos of Scarlett being Scarlett.  Enjoy! 
(Warning: the quality of these videos have been sacrificed out of convenience of the iphone at hand & inconvenience of the 'real' video camera which was out of reach at the time of recording)

Reading out loud.

Helping with the baking...or is she? (take note of her expression at the end)

Practicing her bird calls for when dad takes her hunting?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

With Child

Where to begin...
So it's been a while.  During the Wonder Belly days, I remember time almost standing still at times. Normally when the New Year approaches I wonder to myself where the year went, & every year seems like it flew by quicker than the last.  But at the dawn of 2011, I reflected back on the previous year & thought to myself, "that took forever, what a long year."
Just when you think you could get used to this casual pace, time sneaks up on you. Suddenly life grabs you by the strings & you are learning the 7 step dance, while trying to find a harmonious balance between life, family & work.  This is how life is since Scarlett came along.
But its not such a bad thing, being busy all the time.  I've always needed something happening & if it it wasn't I would make something happen.  I suppose the challenge of keeping up is what keeps me in the game.  Sometimes I lag behind & really have to pick my priorities (ie. baby & work), accepting that everything cannot always get done.  This was an adjustment.  As a result, you, my faithful readers, have been neglected, but anyone that's anyone knows that these stages can mess with your plans & you just have to go with it.
So here we are, almost 5 months in & having a blast.  Sure there are 'days,' but in all honesty I often think to myself "I didn't realize it would be this easy."  Oblivious & naive in the beginning, I later realize, that I've had it pretty easy & was only doing half the work most new moms have had to do.  First of all, Rodd, the loving & supportive husband that he is, took 4 months of parental leave to help out, & I was working again by November.  Although I could not go out for long, I had the (planned) freedom to get out & do what I do.  Additionally, we got along pretty nicely the whole time he was home, aside from the ocassional harmless bantering.  Second, Scarlett, the thoughful child that she is, has taken it pretty easy on us.  Sleeping her first 11 hour night at just 3 months, she got over her 'gassy' phase early & goes 5 or 6 hours some days between feedings.  She's quite entertaining & luckily thinks so herself most days.  Just when you think it cannot get any more fun, she comes up with a strange new quirk that just makes your day.  We can't help but brag, I guess that is what parents are supposed to do?  
It's been fun, but I refuse to be tricked by her sweet & innocent almost-five-month-oldness.  As she starts to show signs of what's to come, I hope that she stays the way she is for a while longer...we are getting a sneak preview of temper tantrums, manipulation & strong will...but that is another post for another day.  In the meantime I am arming myself by getting out more, with child, & doing anything productive to prevent cabin fever during the frigid winter months.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Year in Pictures

So it's been a while, but I've made it a New Year's Resolution (which I very much intend to keep) to blog more often.  In the meantime please enjoy this little picture show in celebration of the coming of 2011.  Enjoy!