Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mother Nature's Ways

Sometimes Mother Nature has a funny way of doing things. You don't have to agree with these ways (whether you want to call it God's will or whatever) but you must accept them as they are as you cannot change them (anyone who has learned to defy the rules of such a force I'd be interested to hear you out).

It is 4:00am on a Tuesday morning.  I am 3 days overdue & have given up the battle with sleep for what seems like the ump-teenth night in a row.  As I sip on my lemon honey tea I reflect on the last few sleepless (not by choice) months.  They say it is Mother Nature's way of training me for the many sleepless nights to come with baby.  But how much training does one need, really?

It started with heartburn, which has been an ongoing battle for most of the pregnancy, but started waking me up every few hours as there became less room in my midsection for Wonder Baby & all my organs.  OK so I get it, the science behind it along with the Great Mother's ways & came to accept it as it is.  I became accustomed to the ways of fragmented sleep & daily afternoon naps & decided it wasn't so bad.  Combine that with increasing frequented need to pee (which usually waited until I was up to take a tums anyway), but I quickly learned to fall back asleep in no time. 

Then a few weeks ago I started experiencing aggravating pain in my left jaw due to a hypersensitive tooth. Convinced I would need a root canal but refusing to go to the dentist at this point in my pregnancy I decided to tough it out, frustrated.  I was up every night for an hour or two walking around trying to settle it down (does this sound like something I might be repeating soon, as a new mother?) using heat or tea or TV to help calm the storm within.  After a week or so, to my delight, the pain eventually stopped its nightly check ins & I was sleeping a bit more regularly again (note that the heartburn has not gone away but has become less frequent as the baby has moved down - the need to pee on the other hand has only become more frequent, of course).  

Then my due date came.  And it passed.  The minute I was overdue (let's say that was 12:00 midnight for convenience sake) I rapidly developed the worst cold of the year.  It hurt to breath, cough & talk.  Mucus took over my airways making it impossible to lay down.  Hello Mother.  I was doomed yet for another night's sleep.  That was 3 nights ago.  I have been doing everything (safe) I can think of to fight off this cold so we can get on with this baby business.  The next night I thought I did pretty good as I could breath through my nose & got a better sleep than I had in weeks & decided the worst was over.  My body must have really needed a break so Mother Nature cut me some slack - for one night.  Now here I am, the rest of the world fast asleep (if you are lucky) a snot machine, a snot factory, unable to find a vapor trail through my nasal passage.  My lips are swollen & jaw is sore from breathing through my mouth.  I am sure I am not the first in the history of conception to feel this way at this point, & I am usually not much to complain (well my husband could probably counter that argument - but that's a whole other point).  However at 9+ months, basketball belly & lacking sleep, I have given myself full permission to complain.  I suspect I will look back at this after all is said & done & wonder what the heck I had to complain about.  But in the meantime thank you for listening...

On a more positive note, feeling this sick sure takes my mind off any desire to deliver a child right now. Could this be Nature's way of distracting me until Wonder Baby is ready to join the world?  I suppose I should entrust & accept this fate, as the Great Mother herself probably knows a thing or 2 about the process of becoming a mother.  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Poll

At my baby shower than my friend Kris so generously hosted in July, we had a baby poll.  Being that tomorrow is my official "due date" I thought I would post the anticipated guestimates.  Whoever gets the right date wins a prize.  At this point as much as I like prizes (& bragging rights) I hope that my mom (Kelly) who's guess is next on the calendar wins.  At this point I also hope I am the wrongest, eager to get this baby born!

Kristen - boy, 7-5, Aug 24
Helen - girl, 6-8, Aug 25
Sandra - boy, 7-4, Aug 26
Kelly - girl, 7-3, Aug 29
Sarah - girl, 6-4, Aug 30
Kit - boy, 8, Aug 31
Trudy - girl, 7 lbs 2 oz, Sept 3
Jess - girl, 7-11, Sept 4

Thanks again Kris for putting this on & to my family for all the awesome gifts.  Wonder Baby is one lucky duck!

My family eagerly awaiting Wonder Baby's grand debut

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Baby Budget

Today we were in the grocery store buying some last minute newborn necessities & the hubby was taken back by the price of diapers...I guess this is just another reality to hit us as we anticipate the arrival of our little package (which I suspect will come with a many many accessories).
A number of friends & family have asked what we need for our new baby.  Being this is our first, I have had difficulty really knowing what we will need, but now that Wonder Baby could drop any time now we have managed to accumulate what we think are all the basics needed to take care of a newborn.  However, I thought I would make a list of things we may need or want for the future, near & far, for anyone who wants to know.  I hope this isn't too forward (by no means should you feel obligated to go out & purchase something for us after reading this).
Wonder Baby's Wish List (only for those who really want to know):
  • Newborn clothes (I guess this depends on how ginormous our child is)
  • Sleepers
  • Baby Clothes Hangers
  • Diapers (of course)
  • nail clippers & other grooming accessories
  • high chair (thinking ahead)
  • Tupperware (thinking aheader)
  • play pen
  • jumper
  • baby blocks
  • discovery toys
  • Baby Einstein music
  • breast pump
  • change table sheets
  • baby meds & vitamins (maybe you already moms out there can help me out on what I may need in this area?)
In an attempt to not get caught up in the consumerism agenda, we have tried to keep our supply list down to the basics.  We have been extremely fortunate to have a number of generous friends & family members lend & hand down many of our baby necessities & as a result, so far this baby hasn't broke the budget.  I'm sure we will have our turn as our child grows into a teeny bopper demanding the latest brain draining technological trends in an attempt to fit in (lets face it, we've all been there)...if not before.  In the meantime, we have managed to put a bit of cash aside in case of any unanticipated surprises.  However as a result, my hubby has set his eye on a 40" Plasma TV, perhaps in the realization that soon he may not be able to afford one & does not want to miss out on this window of opportunity.  I have managed to convince him to hold off until winter....its a start.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wonder Owl Waits

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I love my baby's new mural, thanks to my mom who came to paint it while I 'supervised.' Wonder Owl is awaiting the arrival of the new baby. It will be nice to know that there will be someone to watch over our baby when we are all asleep at night. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top Tens

Top Ten Perks of Being the Baby Incubator:
10: An excuse to write a blog that people actually want to read.
9:  Relating to other women in a way that I have not done before (after the whole experience I am sure I will have an even bigger appreciation for other moms, especially my own).
8:  Lots of hardly-used-hand-me-down maternity clothes.
7:  An excuse to nap every day.
6:  An excuse to redecorate (apparently I like excuses).
5:  People will go out of their way to accomodate you (although I am typically a do-it-yourself kind of    person, I must admit there comes a time when you really appreciate this).
4:  Foot rubs.
3:  Emotional stability - believe it or not, my hormones seem to have done the opposite of what they say when it comes to mood swings, etc.
2:  Sharing this time with a loving husband - we've never been happier!
1:  Watching & feeling the baby move around inside.
Top Ten Things I am Most Looking Forward To (after the baby comes):
10: A break from the workload.
9:  Taking & sharing pictures of my new baby (does that contradict the previous item?).
8:  Getting back in shape - I miss exercise.
7:  Ibuprofen (Tylenol never worked for me).
6:  Visiting & sharing with friends & family.
5:  Putting my ribs back where they belong, ow.
4:  No more heartburn, no more heartburn!
3:  Spending time with my wonderful hubby - as much as I can complain, he's been extra nice lately :)
2:  Showing off Wonder Baby (it's true, I am a show off).
1:  Meeting Wonder Baby in person.
Top Ten Complaints (I had to add this):
10: The challenge of tieing my own shoes.
9:  Clumsiness. 
8:  Baby Brain.
7:  Digestive system (I'll spare the details).
6:  Nausea (thank goodness it only lasted 3-4 months).
5: Utter exhaustion.
4:  Food sensitivities.
3:  Sore Ribs.
2:  Less sleep.
1:  Heartburn.
Top Ten Wonders:
10: How will Willow (Wonder Dog) react to dropping in the ranks to a new family member?
9:  Do we have everything we need for the first week or so?
8:  How long before I send Rodd back to work?
7:  How big will Wonder Baby be (more concerning, how big will his/her head be?)
6:  Will Wonder Baby be an easy baby?
5:  How labour will go for me?
4:  Who/what Wonder Baby will look like?
3:  Wonder Baby's gender.
2:  Will Wonder Baby be healthy?
1:  When will Wonder Baby decide to join the rest of us?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Almost an Outie

See my outie?  Well its sort of part innie, part outie.  Perhaps that is why I am putting things off.  Because if I get everything ready for Wonder Baby, then that will give the little tyke permission to come out.  
The hubby had been practically begging me to get some studio pictures taken, only I had a slight problem...if I was the subject in the picture, how could I take them.  He enthusiastically volunteered to take some & I reluctantly gave up what shutter control I could & let him.  We spent a good hour downstairs, Rodd discovering how much fun it can be to be the one behind the camera & myself feeling quite self conscious on the other end.  I struggled with setting the lights correctly (something to do with Baby Brain, they tell me) In the end we came up with some pretty decent shots.  He insisted we get some, lets say risque photos & I hesitantly gave in, deciding if I am going do this to my clients (the willing ones of course), I must put myself in their position....those images show a little more skin than I am comfortable sharing, so they will remain for our eyes only.
So here you see Wonder Baby as is today.  At 37 weeks I could give birth any day now, which is scary & exciting all the same.  I have the usual complaints of the 9 month woman, but not so sure I wish for this baby to come out just yet....& as a matter of fact, Wonder Baby seems quite comfortable where he/she is, other than the odd dance routine that takes place when I am ready to settle down.  In a number of ways I have bonded with this little creature squirming around inside my lovely lady bump & imagine in all the excitement it will be an adjustment when Wonder Baby is no longer dependant on my inner workings to work his/her own.
I think it is time to pack my hospital bag as the reality of this long anticipated responsibility is creeping up on us.  Perhaps the next time you hear from me I will be in a completely different state of mind, whether it is typing between efforts to coax Wonder Baby out of its comfy little womb, painful contractions, or attempting to feed, catching sleep & trying to control diaper changing induced gag reflexes.