Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wonder Baby Performs

Remember all that talk about Wonder Baby before she was even Wonder Baby?  Could this have led to some form of a self-fullfilling prophecy?  And so I ask myself...what have I done?

When I referred to my future offspring as "Wonder Baby" I definitely did not think she would have super natural abilities, in fact I didn't really expect anything more than a perfectly average child.  So when Scarlett arrived we were quite proud of her perfect score on the apgar.  She continued to impress us with the premature achievements that followed.....her unusually loud first cry - before she was even fully delivered, her early wide-eyed ability to track us across the room,  & her superstar ability to roll over at just 4 weeks, to name a few.  I had no choice but to tell people that she didn't get the memo about what she was (not) supposed to be able to do.

Scarlett continues to surprise us, with her athletic skills - not unheard of, but she manages to conquer most of the developmental benchmarks by a minimum of a month, followed by a glance around the room to see who's watching.  In fact, when in public, I often have to repress my pride & refrain from encouraging Scarlett to perform.  After all, we don't want other babes her age to feel that they are lagging behind.  It's hard work being a Wonder Baby's mom. 

"So what's the problem?" you think.  Well yes, I must admit that we are quite proud of this genetic code we managed to compose, but hear me this, with Wonder Baby abilities comes Wonder Baby personality, & I am starting to see a precocious little rebel develop.  I wonder to myself (but suspect the contrary) "Are temper tantrums normal for all 4 month olds?" & "Do all 6 month olds smile every time mom says 'no', or when mom is coughing from choking?" (seriously) Every once in a while she shoots me a look that I should be getting from a 3, 6 or 13 year old, & I get scared. 

And then there is this spell she seems to have on us.  Suddenly the world revolves around her.  If we are doing something that isn't in the best interest of Wonder Baby, we feel this gut wrenching guilt.  If she cries we run to her.  If she is doing something she shouldn't, we just can't get mad when she gives that infectious smile.  I'm pretty sure the hex is twice as bad for her dad.  If this is what she is capable of in her first 6 months, what is she going to grow capable of as she gets bigger & stronger.  I think I have every right to be scared.

However, for every superhero, there is a weakness, right?  It is quite obvious to me what Scarlett's 'kryptonite' is (although her appearing attention deficit symptoms come in close second): separation from her mom.  Only really developing now, it is making my life a lot more complicated.  Not aloud to leave, I now have another full time job, & feel the world is at stake if I am not in the same room as Scarlett.  (On the other hand, I seem to be the only one with a certain 'special power' over my child, I feel I must use this carefully & wisely).  Will she ever overcome this? Or is my life completely & drastically altered for the rest of time?  Probably a little of both.  

I must go help save the world now.  So, until we meet again...