Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Careful What You Wish For...

Back in my naive Wonder Belly ways, I recall thinking it would be a good thing if my offspring would inherit my hubby's athletic ability & my, however, this combination does not seem like such a good idea.  Sometimes I think "too bad this disposition couldn't skip the baby stage & show up later in life when it doesn't require constant supervision from mom."
Today, while at our Fit for 2 class, Scarlett pulled herself up to standing, using the nearest step-up - a new skill she has figured out in the last week & is practicing quite religiously.  Due to a slippery floor, she went into a wide stance, while turning (looking to see who was watching) & taking one hand off the step.  She then proceeded to take her other hand off her support & I (now standing behind her in case she fell) stood frozen, not sure what to do.  What seemed like a minute, but in reality was only about 1/2 a second, Scarlett stood on her own.  This made me very uneasy.  It made her very proud.  This, I fear, will be her next goal. That & climbing.
So why, besides the obvious, does Scarlett's mobile abilities make me nervous?  Of course, the maternal desire to protect my baby from getting hurt is there, but this is something that I knew I would go through, as all mom do I presume.  Perhaps I am worrying for nothing, but the fact that she is able to do so much so early that triggers an alarm...too young to understand the concept of "No" & to learn from the past & be more careful (I cannot count on 2 hands how many times she has conked her head on the floor).  I have a vision of her getting into anything she can get her hands on, & having little tools to teach her right from wrong. With no sign of understanding the consequence, she gets right back to what she was attempting to do the last time she hurt herself.  I'm pretty sure there is a little mischief in there waiting to get out, waiting to explode the minute she takes her first step...& she'll probably be running before she is walking!  
Along with her mission to emphasize the concept "growing up to fast," I am seeing another personality trait develop.  Scarlett seems to have no concept of what she is, or rather 'should' be able to do.  I often see her trying to figure out how to stand while in the middle of the room, nothing around her to pull up on.  Despite many attempts & intense concentration, she continues to try.  I see her doing the same thing when it comes to crawling on her knees or feet as opposed to her belly, which doesn't get her anywhere very fast right now, but it's as if she knows that one day it will get her to point B faster, so she must practice in order to perfect it.  And then there is the climbing.  I'm not sure where she thinks she is going, in fact I am not sure she knows...she just keeps lifting that leg, hoping that something will appear beneath it taking her to the next level. This is the determination that has led to this premature Independence at 7 & 1/2 months old.
And although I hold to these reservations, I can't help but admire her naive confidence. Her sense that she can do anything, without any preconceived expectations of what she can or cannot do (screw the developmental charts!).  And although I realize this will make my job as a supervising parent & caring mother more difficult, I secretly hope that she doesn't lose this sense of self.  I hope that it remains with her when she grows up & has big dreams, that she approaches life similarly to the way she does now, without allowing anyone or anything to get in her way of reaching for the stars.  

In the meantime, I guess I must devote what little spare time I once had to making sure she has something soft to land on.  This must be one of those many sacrifices parents make for their children.
And so, we enter the next phase...