Monday, May 16, 2011

Scarlett's Play Date

I babysat Scarlett's friend Ella while her parents played ball.  Since this day, we've been working on Scarlett's social skills...
It started off with some sharing.  Very nice, girls.

Everyone was pretty happy about the playdate.

So I thought I would try to get some pictures on the couch....

....maybe not.

Scarlett doesn't go in her exersaucer very much anymore, but seemed to desperately want to now that Ella was in it, so she yelled at her. 

And then apparently tried to 'dump' Ella out of the exersaucer. Poor Ella, she did not deserve this.

She was also very protective over her toys.  When Ella would play with one (that Scarlett normally has no interest in), Scarlett would try to take it away. This made Ella cry.

Speaking of crying...
Ella started to get tired & wanted to be held. Scarlett did not like seeing her mom with another baby!  Needless to say the result was not pretty.

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